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7 Ways to Improve Your Online Security

Good online security habits are no joke. Every day there are data breaches of major financial institutions and retailers. Every app you download and most of the sites you visit initiate a series of online tracking of your activity and

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Still Using Windows 7? Now’s the Time to Update to Windows 10!

Windows 7 is predicted to be running on hundreds of millions of computers, but after January 14, 2020, Windows 7 users will no longer have any technical support, software updates, security updates, or fixes, making any user of Windows versions

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Why Your Business Needs Managed IT Services

Even the smallest of businesses run on a computer network – desktop computers in the office, tablets and mobile devices in the field, and essential business applications running off cloud services. These business tools are depended on every day to

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Software Subscriptions: Nice Convenience or Nasty Swindle?

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This curated blog post was inspired by, “The Worst-Kept Secret About QuickBooks Online” by Gene Marks, from Forbes ‘Quicker Better Tech’. How we purchase and use  software has completely changed since the days of going out and purchasing a shrink-wrapped

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Are Cloud Services Right for Your Business?

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As companies run out of storage space for their ever-growing company data, more and more are considering a move to “The Cloud” as a good option versus investing in new data storage hardware. Companies depend heavily on their ‘data centers’

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Computer Networks Require Constant Monitoring

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Networks have evolved dramatically. Gone are the days of a few devices, all in one building, connected via a series of wires and cords. Today’s networks are very complex, designed to accommodate numerous devices, operating from differing platforms and geographic

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