Do you have someone you can depend on when you need IT assistance? 

Every business needs help with their information technology (IT) from time to time – computers stop operating properly, networks go down for no apparent reason, data gets lost, and security threats wreak havoc. We are the phone call that solves your IT issues.

Information Systems of Maine Provides 3 Crucial Services: 


Your computers and network should function as well as the day you took it out of the box. It should boot up in a reasonable amount of time, your network should be responsive, you should be able to get to your software applications and use them as you expect without errors, and you should be able to use all the functions of the internet as they are intended. We will keep your computer network functioning at peak performance so you can get on with business!


Dependable computer and network security means your data is safe, and your systems are operating effectively. We will make sure you have a professional-grade firewall and antivirus protection running at all times. After installing top-ranked security software, we will also monitor these important components continuously so you can rest assured your business data is safe and secured. We will be paying attention so you don’t have to!


If you do not have a dependable and consistent data back up system in place, the price you will pay can be significant. Don’t leave all your business records, customer information and orders, and your financial data to chance. We offer on-site and Cloud-based back up and data recovery services, monitored by daily digital health checks, so you never have to experience the misfortune of losing business records.

We recognize the impact and importance of technology in our lives and businesses. If you are a small to midsize business, you are wearing multiple hats to make the business run effectively. We know every dollar counts, and the cost of having your computers down can be tremendous. Outsource your IT needs with us – we are responsive, highly skilled IT professionals who can make your IT work for you!

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We offer Maine IT Services to Portland, Westbrook, South Portland, Gorham and Scarborough.