Maine Data Recovery & Backups

What would happen if you lost your last 54 days’ worth of data?

If you walked into your office and your computers were gone, or you turned your back on your laptop, and poof, it disappears – would that be a problem? That might as well be the reality if you are not consistently backing up your system. Accidents happen; computers crash suddenly. If you use computers to run your day to day operations of your business, capture the most important business information you have, then you are depending on all that information stored in your system to be available to you at all times. Whether you accidentally deleted important files, had an update go badly, or a complete system crash – Information Systems of Maine can recover your lost data and get you back up and running. Even more important, we will set up a dependable, consistent Back Up system so you never have to worry again.

Our Data Recovery & Backup services are perfect for small to mid-sized businesses, and designed to provide the most dependable file backup and file recovery needs without killing your budget. We combine the use of external hardware on-site for immediate retrieval, with cloud-based storage for complete back up done automatically, all the time. “Mirror image” backup options mean your complete system – hard drive, operating system and all, is captured so you can be back up and running like nothing happened in only minutes!