Maine Hardware & Computer Repair

There is never a good time to have computer problems, and sometimes things just break. The challenge with computer repair comes in figuring out what is wrong, then determining the best way to fix it. Sometimes it’s as simple as a bad connector or the need for an adapter, other times it’s RAM gone bad or a crashed hard drive. If you are getting a mysterious error message, have a computer that is not booting up properly or making strange noises, you need someone to diagnose what is happening so you can get back to operating smoothly.

We are happy to help with any of these common computer problems:

  • Run a set of diagnostic tests to determine what is wrong
  • Tune-Up a machine that is slow or not booting up
  • Remove Computer Viruses and Malware from infected computers
  • Install new versions of Operating Systems
  • Retrieve lost data and create dependable Backups
  • Install additional and new RAM for increased computer performance
  • Replace failed connectors, cords, fans and video cards
  • Recommend replacement hardware and software
  • Hard drive recovery

Information Systems of Maine can come evaluate your equipment, figure out if you need a repair or replacement, and help you make the best choice for your business computer needs. We do not represent certain dealers, or charge a markup on new equipment, so our recommendations are unbiased, with only you as our customer in mind.