Computer problems are inevitable to deal with and can be extremely confusing as well as frustrating. But Information Systems of Maine is there to help you when you need computer repairs. Information Systems always runs a full diagnostic on your computer to help determine what could be wrong with your computer. From the information they are given from the diagnostic then they can suggest what to purchase as far as hardware and software goes; they tune up your machine by installing new versions of operating systems. They also install an additional and new RAM for increased performance on your computer. Information systems creates dependable back ups of your computer so you will not lose any important files while they repair your computer. Information systems is offering computer repair in Gorham, Maine. They can also come out and look at your computer to see if your business computers need repairs or replacements. Information Systems always keeps you, the customer, in mind and gives their unbiased recommendations to you for repairs. They can do this because they are not representing certain dealers and they do not charge a mark up fee on new equipment.