Are you finding that your computer is acting up ever since you have visited a place on the internet? You could have a virus on your computer. Viruses lead to devastating damage to your computer. Viruses can be well hidden within a website so you could have no idea your computer is getting infected. Software applications will run funny or not run at all when your computer is infected. Information Systems of Maine serves the South Portland area for virus and malware removal. Information Systems also provides computer security services too. Viruses and malware can be very costly as well as detrimental to your computer’s hardware and software that can lead to business down time while your computer is being fixed. Viruses can happen to even the most cautious internet user. That is why Information Systems of Maine provides services as in business-grade levels of firewall protection, latest antivirus, malware, spyware and ransom ware defense for a small cost. Information Systems can act like your businesses IT support which will leave you happy and with your business’s computers running normal in little downtime.