Moving Your Business? Don’t Forget Your Virtual Business Needs!

Anyone who has moved offices knows it’s a challenging project! Good preparation and organization is key, along with finding the right people to help you and being realistic about the time and energy it will require. When we move our physical business space, it’s very important to include a well thought out plan for moving our virtual business as well. The downtime involved in a moving a business is complicated by the need to keep computer systems operational and data accessible. Just as you wouldn’t leave your key piece of manufacturing equipment or top salesperson behind in your move, you mustn’t forget about your key business partner – your technology.

Businesses move locations for any number of reasons – outgrown space, lack of necessary features, the desire for modernization. Well, our business technology generally suffers similar circumstances. After years of serving the business well, digital storage space becomes overcrowded, hardware can’t keep up, and your technology can no longer accommodate the demands of today’s software and applications. Often times, upgrades don’t cost as much per year in capital expenditures as the cell phone bill! There is a lot of value in having upgraded equipment that can handle your current business and capacity to continue to grow with you.

Implementing your business moving plan involves careful and timely consideration of your technology.

Often the need for new or larger physical space means the need for upgraded technology as well. While everyone is getting a new desk, your server may be in need of an upgrade as well. Expanding your office space to accommodate your growing staff, may also translate to installing new fiber-optic cables and proper electrical circuitry to keep your network humming at top proficiency.

Don’t forget about these critical IT details:

  • Internet: Is your current internet speed sufficient? If you are upgrading equipment or experiencing slow data transfer, plan on installing new fiber-optic cables to accommodate higher speeds and larger data transfers. More about Wifi Installation.
  • Server versus Cloud Storage: Your data management infrastructure is critical, and an expanding business often needs to reassess server equipment and the way data is managed, protected and stored.
  • Firewall: If you’ve been experienced slow response times in your old place, and are moving to a location with upgraded cables and wiring, your Firewall may need an upgrade. If you new business technology blueprint is expanding, your old firewall may be a choke-point, holding up your new equipment and preventing your system from operating at top speed and functionality.
  • Antivirus & Backup Protection: Check that all your computers, devices and server are adequately secured with Antivirus protection, and protected by a regular backup mechanism. More about Backups.
  • Phones: Moving phones is no longer as simple as plugging them in the jack in your new office. Today’s businesses enjoy high functioning phones that allow for video conferencing and forwarding to cell phones or email when you are out of the office. A move is a perfect time to evaluate if your phone system needs an upgrade. More about Voip phone systems.
  • Warranties: All the new technology equipment you may be purchasing comes with a new set of warranties affording you greater dependability for several years. Be sure to register as necessary for all warranties on new equipment.

Before Your Move:

Have a qualified IT consultant work with you to determine how your technology infrastructure needs to change. They will make recommendations that may include upgrading to a commercial-grade firewall, updating computer, phone and other technology equipment and software licenses, and upgrading internet connections and installing fiberoptic cables.

During the Move:

Most businesses can’t afford to be completely “down” during a move. Your IT consultant will help you plan your transition so that your business can continue to run on your current platform during the move, move necessary data to a Cloud-based service while your equipment usage is suspended, and set up your new platforms usually overnight or a weekend for less business interruption. On Monday morning all your data is transferred over, the server and internet is up and running, and all your computers are set up and operating as they should!

Working with the right IT professional can ensure your move goes smoothly with minimal business interruption.

Information Systems of Maine works as project manager, managing technology upgrades and moves for clients. Serving basically as a general contractor, we work directly with other vendors such as the internet service provider, fiber-optic installation contractor, and product reps, to keep manage all facets of technology transitions. We take care of the details and technical issues, so our clients don’t have to!

We can advise on any upgrades and replacement hardware needed – new firewall, new server, new desktops, etc. We do not mark up any equipment we assist in purchasing – our goal is just to help you get the right equipment, quality and capabilities your business needs.

When your physical plant is making a move, your virtual business needs to make that move also. The same detailed planning, working with the right professionals, and determining what resources will make your move most successful for the long-term are all critical components.

Let us know if we can help you plan and implement your business move!

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