Warning: Deleted Doesn’t Mean Gone

Think you safely deleted all your personal information off your old phone or computer before recycling it? The answer may shock you!

Here is an important warning before selling or recycling your old phone, tablet or computer. If you think deleting your bank and tax information, credit card shortcuts, passwords, emails and photos was enough – think again. Simply deleting files from a device by sending them to the trash and emptying the trash, doesn’t mean those files are not still on in your memory card and easily accessible to anyone with access to the old device.

Any person who inherits or buys your used device can easily recover your personal files, data, and access links as easily as downloading free software off the internet. The only way to ensure your data is truly deleted from the phone, tablet or computer is to buy a program that truly deletes all data and certifies to you (yes, with an actual certificate of guarantee) that it has been entirely removed from the device. Your other option? Take a drill to the old computer’s memory platters before letting them out of your possession.

In a recent study, 46% of computers and phones sold online still contained personal data.

Protect your personal information:


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