WiFi Installation & Support

Does your WiFi give you the speed and security you need?

We love that our businesses are more mobile than ever before and that we can conduct business from anywhere in the world! When our on-ramp to the Internet is dependent on WiFi services, there are important considerations and security precautions to take with these mobile networks to be sure your service is dependable and information that is transmitted is protected.

  • Business & Office Locations
  • Hospitals & Healthcare
  • Financial Institutions
  • Marinas & Campgrounds

WiFi Stability
Your WiFi network needs to be built upon a stable, dependable foundation. This means good quality products that fit your budget, a wireless network layout that works for your business, and service and support so your wireless network is accessible where, when and how you need on it.

WiFi Security
We transmit the most personal of data across wireless networks. Even if your business does not handle highly sensitive information, your wireless must provide security and dependability to your customers and staff that are using it.

WiFi Speed
There is nothing worse than a sluggish wireless network that is always going down or loading information at a snail’s pace! Having inadequate bandwidth, a poor network layout with too few access points and antennas, and transmission choke-points leaves leaves users of your WiFi aggravated and slows down production.

Information Systems of Maine is here to help!
We are here to help you with all your WiFi needs, whether you need support for your current network or need to address a wireless network that is undependable and out of date. We assess your unique needs, and develop solutions that fit your budget.

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